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To our dedicated readers, the PUC Campus Chronicle has a new website: Follow our new site to keep up-to-date on all news. … [Read more...]

The Realistic Notebook: Seeing Rom Coms for What They Really Are

By Carlo Peán I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a sucker for chick flicks. I say this confidently because I am sure I’m not the only guy who feels this way. In fact, if you’re a guy who doesn’t feel like this or a girl who is doubtful about this, I want you to do a little experiment for me. Go to at least five other males that aren’t too far from you and ask them if they like chick flicks. I’m betting that at least one will say yes, even if it is after they dart their eyes and shamefully hang their head. Nothing to be ashamed of my brothers! But, I must follow the ethical code of journalism that is set before me and expose the truth. I’m sorry, I know the women of PUC will be up in arms against me and probably call me bitter or … [Read more...]

Photos by: Neil Soiland

by Suwanna Vatananan As a senior photography and film major, Neil Soiland finds inspiration for his music, films and photography in almost everything he sees. Jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis helped to shape Neil’s style. “Jazz music helped me to relax, and delve into art projects at an early age,” said Soiland. When he arrived at PUC, he had not selected a major, but when a neighbor showed him a 35mm camera and taught him how to develop film, his life was changed forever. Soiland has directed a few films, each different from the previous. He has also directed documentaries about rock’n roll, wild mustangs, and a prison program. His most recent project is a science … [Read more...]

Consumer Electronics Show 2013

by Brandon Elliott Buell On Jan. 11, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas presented many new products to drool over. The CES is an annual event where companies show off their greatest products and latest technology. The products range from the usual announcement of new televisions and phones to the demonstration of revolutionary car applications and household products. The list of newly announced products is endless. Here are some of the highlights of CES: Microsoft Microsoft gave CES attendees a glimpse of what gaming will be like in the future. This project, dubbed “Xbox IllumiRoom,” sees Microsoft aiming to end the limitation of the gaming environment to a single TV screen by transforming gamers’ surroundings … [Read more...]

The Dandy Divisional Round Recap

By Austin Ngaruiya The football gods blessed us with a glorious weekend of football. Let’s recap, shall we?    Not Your Average Joe The Baltimore Ravens went into Mile High Stadium and stole a game from the Denver Broncos, 38-35, in double overtime. Joe Flacco outplayed Peyton Manning down the stretch, on the road, in a playoff game. No, I am not making this up. This game was an NFL Films dream: frigid temperatures, Peyton Manning versus Ray Lewis, a lot of scoring and even the rare double overtime. In the first half, the Broncos’ offense enjoyed a holiday break when wide receiver Trindon Holliday returned both a punt and a kick for a touchdown. The Ravens answered with a Torrey Smith assault on Champ Bailey. Smith burned … [Read more...]

New Legislation May Make Reselling Textbooks Illegal

By Brandon Buell On Monday, Oct. 29, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments over whether it is legal to resell consumer goods without the manufacturer's consent. The debate began after a former Cornell University and University of Southern California student was sued by textbook publisher John Wiley & Sons for copyright infringement in New York. The defendant, Supap Kirtsaeng, had family purchase textbooks in Thailand and ship them to the United States where he resold them on eBay. A reported Kirtsaeng made about $900,000. Kirtsaeng and his attorneys used the “First Sale Doctrine” as his defense.The doctrine, established in 1908, makes it legal for a consumer to resell a product. A federal judge in the case ruled … [Read more...]

Photos by: Justin-John Massey

by Suwanna Vatananan “Photography forced a place in my childhood,” said Justin-John Massey, a third-year photography/pre-med student. Massey’s relationship with photography began with a sour view, as his dad was a professional photographer who made him model. His interest in photography was not sparked until his sophomore year of high school. With an old Nikon F4 in hand, he was ready to conquer photography class only to fulfill a graduation requirement. Instead, he developed his own perspective on the art–and a love for what it could capture. Whether photographing indoors or out, planes, food or friends, Massey plans to keep it up as a hobby and hopes to pass the tradition down to his children someday. For information about Justin-John … [Read more...]

Film Review – Skyfall

  by Ben Speegle When Daniel Craig was announced as the next bond in 2006, fans everywhere reacted to the idea of “Blonde Bond.” Their reactions ranged from “hmm” to “may the world first come to a violent end.” Perhaps they were not that drastic, but many were confused and angry. For evidence, look no further than After watching Skyfall, people who were not convinced by “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace” must be furiously scratching off bumper stickers and getting tattoos removed. Daniel Craig has shown himself to be, without a doubt, James Bond. Just read Roger Moore’s Vanity Fair interview for proof. Skyfall, which premiered on Nov. 9,  is one of the finest Bond movies in the franchise’s … [Read more...]

Photos by: Juan Hidalgo 3rd

by Suwanna Vatananan At the age of 12, Juan Hidalgo opened a film camera in broad daylight and destroyed an entire roll of film. That is the moment he realized how important photographs are. “The idea that I could keep hold of all pictures and keep my memory forever lead me to pick up photography,” said Hidalgo. As a junior psychology and Spanish major, he is intrigued by the way photographs capture a moment filled with so much emotion. He says that photography will continue to be a hobby, but he would love to become a freelance artist for National Geographic someday. … [Read more...]

Film Review – Seven Psychopaths

by: Jonathan Chow For a film with a title as straightforward and evocative as "Seven Psychopaths," one could understandably have a certain expectation for  the amount of violence depicted in this film. In fact, if all you were looking for in "Seven Psychopaths" was gratuitous violence, then you would not be disappointed: "Psychopaths" is then an appropriately brutal film. But that’s only one half of "Seven Psychopaths;" it’s the other half—the non-sequiturs, the clever dialogue, the deranged but strangely lovable characters—that make it such an enjoyable film to behold. "Psychopaths" strikes a successful balance between violence and a charming self-awareness that borders on parody. Contrary to what you might believe based on its title … [Read more...]